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Soft Book Tutorial

This little color book makes a great gift for toddlers.



You will need 12 blocks. 2 of the blocks will be the front and back covers. The other 10 will be the pages.

The blocks can be any size, and any theme (color, counting, animals, preprinted blocks, etc.)

If you are linking over to this tutorial from the Simply Strings book, you will need (12) 5 1/2'' random string blocks.

10 of them should be monochromatic (the pages) and 2 should be multicolored.

I made: gray, green, red, yellow, blue, pink, black and white, purple, orange, and aqua.

I used the aqua page as a signature page (see photo at the end of the tutorial).


Sew the blocks together in pairs to form the pages.

The front and back covers need to be paired together.

The remaining pages can be arranged as desired.

Leave a 2 1/2'' opening in 3 of the pages (NOT the covers). This will be for turning.



Cut (3) pieces of flannel that are 5 1/2'' x 10 1/2''.

Layer as follows: page with the opening, second page, flannel.

The pages need to be right sides together. The flannel can be facing either way.

Pin to hold.



Sew 1/4'' around the entire perimeter.

Clip the points.


Turn the page right side out.

Work the corners out and press. Hand stitch the opening closed.

You do not need an especially pretty (or even sturdy) stitch here as this area will be stitched

into the center-fold. Just stitch it closed enough to keep it from fraying in the wash later.

Top stitch around the page, 1/4'' from the edge.




Repeat to make 3 layers of pages.



Arrange the pages as desired, keeping the covers on the outer most layer.



Sew a 1/4'' on one side of the center fold, backstitching to secure both ends.

There is quite a bit of bulk at the edges, so sew slowly.

If necessary, beef up your needle (a 90/14 should get the job done).



If you are going to add a toy, now is the time to consider how best to attach it.

I used a soft rattle, a large button, some cotton string and this procedure:

Cut a 20'' length of string, loop it through the rattle.

Slip the string into the book between 2 separate pages so that it cannot not be pulled back out.

Tuck it up against the seam you just sewed (so it doesn't get caught in the final seam.



Sew a 1/4'' on the other side of the center fold, backstitching to secure both ends.


Thread the ends of the string through a large button and tie securely, or skip the button

and just tie the ends together. You cannot use too much caution here if you are going

to use a button. You do not want th choke a baby! Use a button that is way to big to be

swollowed and tie it SECURELY. And brign it to the parents attention so they can keep an eye on it.



To add an extra special finishing touch, make the last page a signature page.

I added "Heart Aunt Rana" to mine with a bit a applique and embroidery.

(Plan ahead and customize this page before you start assembling the pages.)