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Rosette Pins

This is a tutorial for making fabric rosettes. They are pretty fast and easy to make. And they a super great embellishments for all kinds of handmade and ready-made projects!


(3) 2" x 20" fabric strips.

(1) 3" circle of felt

(1) pin back

hot glue

Ok, let's get started!

Step 1: Fold both long edges of the first strip into the center.


step 1


Step 2: Starting at one end, roll up the first 2 1/2".

step 2


Add a little spot of hot glue to keep it in place.


Step 3: Bring the top edge of the fabric down at a 90 degree angle, then twist it so the the top edge is now on the bottom and the bottom is on the top.

step 4

(View from a slightly different angle.)


Step 4: Keep folding/twisting the fabric in the same manner to add more petals. Each time you fold/twist the fabric, rotate the center 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn to keep the petals forming evenly around the center. Add a SMALL spot of hot glue after each twist to hold everything in place.


The bottom of your rosette may have a long center, like this. Don't worry about it, because it won't really matter.


Step 5: When you get near the end, make one final fold/twist and glue the tail to the side of the rosette. (If you are only making 1 rosette, you may want to trim off the long piece on the bottom and then fold the tail down to cover the bottom. This will hide the raw edge on the end.)


Make 2 more rosettes.

Position all three of them so that they all come together in the center, hiding the raw edges of the tails in the center of the whole grouping.


Step 6: Prepare the felt circle by adding a generous amount of hot glue to the center of it. Don't go too crazy, but use enough to get the job done.


Step 7: Put the rosettes right down in the center of the felt and press down to seat. Let it dry completely.


It should now look like this.


Step 8: Trim away the extra felt.


Step 9: Glue on the pin back.

And viola!