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Curved Piecing: Double Drunk



Download your pdf copy of the pattern/templates HERE.



Start by cutting out the pieces.

Use the templates and cutting information provided in the pattern.

I cut mine with a rotary cutter, but if you are not that confident use scissors!



Each piece needs to be marked at the center point.

One fast and easy way to do this is to fold them in half and press in a crease.



Pinning is an extremely important part of curved piecing.

There are many schools of thought about how many pins you need to use when you sew curves. If you are comfortable using just 1, then go for it. But using more is not wrong either. So, do what is comfortable for you.

I believe in using plenty of pins, so that is what I will show you.

Start by pinning piece A to piece B, right sides together, at the center point.

(Notice that the curves are going in opposite directions.)



Now you are going to bring the ends together and pin them in place.



And for good measure, add another pin between the center point and the end, on both sides.

You should have a total of 5 pins in place.

I know that the picture looks like there is extra fabric and ripples, but don't believe everything you see!

There is actually equal amounts of fabric A and fabric B between each pin, and you want to

make sure that your's is that way too. If the fabric is rippled you will sew in a tuck.



Slip the pinned unit into your sewing machine and sew that seam.

Tips: keep the 1/4" ACCURATE, go slow, remove the pins as you come to them.



Press the seam outward (to piece B), which will cause the seam allowance to fan out.

(If you press it in, you will be pressing in additional bulk, and it will not lay as nicely.)



Now repeat the process to add piece C.






Open and press owtward (to piece C).


Repeat to make all 4 quadrants.



Sew them into halves. Be sure to pin carefully, matching all

seam allowances so that your curve is neat and smooth.



And finally sew the halves into 1 complete block.