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Bow Tie Block, 2 Ways

This is a tutorial for making 6" bow tie blocks.


For Block 1: Bow Tie Chain


Bow Tie: (4) 2' x 2'' and (4) 1'' x 1''

Background: (4) 2'' x 2'' and (2) 3 1/2'' x 3 1/2''



Layout the pieces as shown below.

In this case, the red is the background and the white is the bow tie.


You are going to take the 2 layered blockes to the machine and sew from corner to corner on the little white square.

This technique is known as connecting squares (it probably has other names too, but this is how I know it.)


Cut away the excess fabric (on both squares), leaving a 1/4" seam allownace.


Press the corners open and put the blocks back into the layout.


Now it is simply a matter of joining the block together in a four-patch fashion.


A note about pressing: This is one of those instances where a lot of stuff is coming together in the

center of the block. So, you may want to press that final seam open to reduce bulk.


Once you have made both bow ties, lay them out with the 3 1/2" squares as shown below.


Again, you will assemble this in a four-patch fashion.


And a finished block!


For Block 2: Bow Tie Knot


Bow Tie: (8) 2' x 2'' and (8) 1'' x 1''

Background: (4) 2'' x 2'' of fabric 1 and (4) 2" x 2" of fabric 2



Layout the pieces as shown below. Note that there are 2 different background prints this time.

Follow the same steps as before to assemble this block.

Make 4 blocks.


Be consistent with the 2 background fabrics, but the bow ties

can all be made from the same fabrics or from all different fabrics.

I chose all different fabrics for my block.


Again, you will assemble this block in a four-patch fashion.


All done!